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The Word Aesthete

sempiternal, adj.

everlasting, eternal

(1400-50; Late Middle English < Late Latin  sempiternālis)

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bibliotherapy, n.

The use of selected reading materials as therapeutic adjuvants in medicine and in psychiatry

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penumbra, n.

1. a) Astronomy the partial or imperfect shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body

   b) the greyish marginal area of a sunspot

2. a shadowy, indefinite, or marginal area

(1660-70; < Neo-Latin, equiv. to Latin paen- + umbra shade)

related forms:

penumbrous, adj.

related words:


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fugacious, adj.

1. fleeting, transitory

2. Botany falling or fading early

(1625-35; < Latin fugāci-  (stem of fugāx apt to flee, fleet, derivative of fugere to flee + ous)

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dulcet, adj.

 pleasant to the ear; melodious  

(1350-1400; obsolete dulce (< Latin neuter of dulcis sweet) + -et; see douce)

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efflorescence, n.

1. the state or a period of flowering.                                                      

(1620–30;  < French  < Medieval Latin efflōrēscentia)

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acumen, n.

keen insight, shrewdness

(1525-35; < Latin acūmen, sharpness)

adj. form: acuminous

related: unacuminous

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marginalia, n. pl.

margin notes

(1825-35; < Neo-Latin, noun use of neuter plural of medieval Latin marginālis)

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